this is us

GERMAN B.T. – a brand of Fördergurt-Service Gebrüder Gross GmbH

Now in our 3rd generation, we supply high performance material handling products and provide conveyor belt system services that add real value to our customers worldwide and in every industry. With our new international brand GERMAN BELTING TECHNOLOGY, we would like to further improve the image of our company on a global scale and convey what we stand for: Quality and Worldwide accessibility of products and services for material handling and conveyor systems.

As a leader in the manufacturing of belts for various industries, our family-run business based in Germany has earned its reputation as one of the most reliable and efficient suppliers. Our high-quality belts are renowned for their ability to withstand any condition they may encounter.

Overall our family run business has established itself firmly within its sector due to its commitment towards providing top notch products using cutting edge technology combined with excellent customer service making them a great choice when looking for reliable rubber belting solutions from an experienced supplier.

the founder of german bt (middle), his sons (left and right) and his grandson (up right)