EM 10/2 0+A42 green AS FG

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EM 10/2 0+A42 green AS FG

Our fabric and steel cord belts are designed according to international standards with special qualities such as flame resistance, abrasion resistance, temperature resistance, oil/grease resistant and self-extinguishing capabilities. Additionally these products can be customized to meet ATEX or FDA standards when required by customers. The steel cord belt is also equipped with a rip detection system which ensures maximum safety during operation while providing superior durability against wear and tear even under extreme conditions.

Product Details

  • Härte Tragseite – nach DIN 53505: 35A shore
  • Banddicke – interne AB Methode KV.002: 4,70 mm
  • Gewicht – interne AB Methode KV.004: 3,80 kg/m2
  • Temperaturbereich: -25°C bis 80°C
  • Mindesttrommeldurchmesser Umlenktrommel: 60,0 mm
  • Mindesttrommeldurchmesser Einschnürtrommel: 140,0 mm
  • Standardbreite: 2020 mm
  • Maximalbreite : 3000 mm

Product Features

  • Förderseite – Struktur
  • Gurt – Gleitblech, Rollen
  • Gurtform – Gerade
  • Laufseite – Gewebe
  • Lebensmittel – Ja sowie Stückgut, Lebensmittel verpackt, Lebensmittel unverpackt, lose
  • Transport – Lebensmittel, Schüttgut, scharfkantiges Gut, schrägtransport

Suitable for

  • Piece goods
  • Food packaged
  • Food unpackaged
  • Bulk
  • Inclined transport
  • sharp-edged good
  • loose food

Advanced Features

  • Highly Abrasion Resistant
  • Flame Resistant
  • Temperature Resistant
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Oil and Grease Resistant
  • Confirming ATEX and/or FDA standards
  • Cross Rigidity by steel or monofilament layers


Who you put trust in

As a global leader in the manufacturing of belts for various industries, the family-run business based in Germany has earned its reputation as one of the most reliable and efficient suppliers. Its high-quality rubber belts are renowned for their ability to withstand any condition they may encounter.

In conclusion it is clear that this family run belting company provides top quality solutions that not only adhere to industry regulations but also provide an unbeatable level of performance regardless of application or environment – making them an ideal choice for your next project!